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 "I first went to see Jane about six months ago. I had a burning sensation in my stomach, and generally didn’t have much of an appetite. I was worried that I was losing weight. I thought I was eating quite healthy but wanted to make sure that there wasn’t something else I could be doing. From the moment I spoke to her on the phone I felt that she would be able to help me. She was friendly and kind and gave me quite a bit of advice even before I had seen her. I had a couple of consultations and a cookery class, all of which I found really interesting and beneficial. I changed my diet started to eat more vegetables and grains and swapped raw fruits for things that were cooked longer and therefore easier for me to digest. I no longer have a burning sensation in my stomach. I have got my appetite back and feeling much better generally in myself. I feel confident that I am now eating the correct foods that will continue to make me feel better. I would highly recommend Jane." (Natasha Rosell)


“Jane Philpott is a fount of knowledge about food & nutrition, from both the Western scientific viewpoint and the Eastern 'energetic' approach.  We cooked delicious meals using new and exciting ingredients and we came away better informed, inspired and replete!  It is such a joy to find someone who is committed to equipping us all to cook food that makes us function and feel better.  I cannot recommend this course enough". (Jane Robinson  MAc MBAcC, Director, Nine Springs Natural Health Centre)

“I have been wanting to write to express the gratitude Thea and I feel to you for putting on these classes.   As you know we have been getting more and more interested in diet as a key to health and healing ever since and as a consequence of Thea’s diagnosis seven years ago, but you are the first teacher we have known whose breadth covers a thorough academic grasp of how the body works and the nutrients it needs, right through to where to find foods with appropriate levels of those elements supermarket food mostly lack and with practical instruction on preparation. I love the fact your classes are small and intimate, inexpensive and accessible, and feel we have been privileged to be able to attend.  I truly believe what you are doing is inspired and that you will have a glittering career as a result. I hope you will be responsible for spreading the word in many small groups who will each go on to spread the word too until huge numbers of people learn how to live more sensibly and healthily by your method.” (Joe Letts)

“I would like to say a big thanks for your cooking class it was brilliant.  What I loved was the balance between listening and cooking. Your delivery was great …we were able to ask questions and you kept on track, whilst giving us so much information . I certainly felt the course was excellent value for money and the atmosphere relaxed and light hearted yet purposeful. You have opened a new door for me into the world of wholefoods quite exciting really !!!! I am a sea vegetable convert.” (Louise Tolly)

“Just to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your class yesterday - excellent presentation, excellent content, helpful material, and very well organised.  Many congratulations.   I've heard from the pub that Clive also enjoyed his day, and I am sure that was the general feeling. Well done! Really well done!” (John Morgan)  

“I just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic courses. They are just what I have been looking for. I feel inspired, much more confident and so much clearer about the way forward. A huge relief!  I look forward to doing more courses with you in the future.” (Hannah Taylor)

“Since attending 2 of Jane's classes I have changed my eating habits, and have more energy and enjoy trying new foods.  Without even trying I have lost 5 lbs in weight, and it is no effort to walk past chocolate and cakes.  I thought going out to eat would be difficult, but I just look for something healthy, and when I cook for myself return to non-processed food.   Jane's classes are informative and the cooking was great fun.” (Christine) 

“My life is changing since meeting you, Jane.  I love our course days, the fun atmosphere, the fact that you can ably answer the ‘whys’ that come with cooking and nutritional science.  The course feels sound, intelligent and hands on too.  Everything I could ask for.  I guess I’m a vegetarian now as I certainly don’t miss meat and dairy and I have so much more energy!” (Rose)

 “Very comprehensive and extremely interesting.  And the food is always very satisfying and delicious!” (Veronica)

 “Full of useful information.  Great notes, really appreciated” (Caryl)

 “I like the fact that you teach, then we cook and prepare lunch – eat lunch and then you teach again.  Great, Thank You!” (Thea)

 “Thank you so much for giving me such a valuable education in healthy food.   I feel very privileged and lucky to have found the classes.  The course was fascinating and knowledge gained inspiring!  You made it clear and understandable and being able to cook lunch, taste the flavours and get hands on experience, has made all the difference to me being able to cope with changing my lifestyle to a much healthier one.” (Patti)

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