Cooking for Health

Feedback from Environmental Health and Trading Standards Officers who have attended a course:


"This is one of the best courses which I have been on for a long while and I would thoroughly recommend it to my colleagues"


"I learnt more in the first hour of this course than I did in a whole day on a similar course run by another provider".


"Thanks for a great course - very inspiring - it has certainly led to a few changes in our house and will be useful for various projects I am working on with local food businesses"


"Yours was the first course in a long time that left me enthusiastic enough to want to find out more about the subject!!"


"Excellent authoritative presenter.  Good, balanced content from food science through to practical ideas for healthier catering."


"I like the fact that the course did not stint on technical input before seeking to apply that knowledge in a practical context.  Very good handouts and course materials."


"Very interesting course and extremely well-presented.  Day 1 background information important and engaging, Day 2 very interesting and pitched at the right level"


"Very informative, good notes, good value for money"


"Excellent.  Very well-presented at the correct level".


"Very interesting and pitched at the right level.  Lots of information in two days.  A very good course – would recommend it."


"Lots of useful information, hints and tips.  Knowledgeable teacher."


"Very informative for both personal and professional purposes"


"Very thought provoking.  I learnt a significant amount.  The tutor had an excellent knowledge of the subject.  Very enjoyable course."


"I liked the presenter’s style and depth of knowledge – was approachable at breaktimes to ask questions."


"Level of knowledge of tutor was excellent.  Left me wanting to learn more."


"Very informative, will be cascading the information on.  With recent publicity about low fat, low salt etc, this is the kind of course I've needed.  Learnt a lot!"


"Will recommend this course to all food officers or offices that are involved with food projects, school etc.  Need to start with schools and child care settings to improve nutrition and food - start it whilst the children are young enough to influence.  Introduce more food to children with respect to 'unusual' foods such as squash, various veg and fruit - ways to cook them to improve the nutrition of a meal".


"Very good, lots of information that I can use in the Catering Unit at SSDC"


"Pitched at the right level, very comprehensive, gave a full rounded picture.  I will promote the course regionally".


"Excellent presentation on both days.  Good provision of handouts.  Have learnt a great deal.  Thank you very much".


"Very informative.  Useful for personal benefits.  Good ideas for promoting healthy options to food businesses".


"Very interesting.  Lots of useful and surprising information."


"Very interesting - opened one's eyes".


"It was comprehensive covering many and various items - very interesting".


"All very interesting, lots of information, learnt a lot".


"Very interesting and informative.  I learnt a lot."



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