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n       Does your alarm go off three times and you still don't feel awake enough to lift your head off the pillow?

n       When you do eventually wake up in the morning, do you lie there thinking that you need an early night tonight?

n       Do you need a cup of coffee or tea in the morning to kick-start yourself?

n       Do you crave biscuits, cakes or sweets half way through the morning or afternoon?

n       Do you easily lose focus and find it hard to make decisions, even about little things like what to wear?

n       Do you walk from the kitchen to another room and forget what you have gone there for?

n       Do people seem a lot more irritating than they used to?

n       Does it take you longer to do things than it used to?

n       Do you feel light-headed when you stand up quickly?

n       Does everything seem like too much of an effort to bother?

n       Do you have headaches and feel hung-over or muzzy-headed even when you haven't been drinking?

n       Do you have a vague feeling that you are not firing on all cylinders?


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Feeling tired all the time, or spending most of the day stressed out with a knot in our stomachs, is not healthy.  Yet, here in the 21st century, this poor state of being has become, for many of us, the norm.  It is something we live with.  We may not be functioning very well and the spark in our life may be dim, but we plough on.  In extreme cases, we may be so chronically fatigued that we cannot hold down a job, or be so stressed out that life seems like one long nightmare after another.


The good news is that this stress and fatigue syndrome can be cured.  To do so, we need to gain a new understanding of ourselves: how our bodies make energy; how we respond to stress; the nature of our minds; how we have evolved to need certain chemicals or nutrients; and why others can throw everything out of balance.


Learn how to have a consistently high level of energy, emotional balance, a sharp mind and the ability to cope with stress by coming along to a Cooking for Health class on "Beating Stress and Fatigue".


We will look at the challenges of 21st century living and how to overcome the vicious circle of stress and fatigue.  We will explore how the body turns food into energy and which nutrients are required for this process to work efficiently; and we will learn which foods contain these nutrients and how to cook with these foods and prepare delicious dishes designed to maximise our energy.  Classes involve 2-3 hours of practical tuition as well as teaching of theory. 


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